One day, prince Kasapa who was the son of king Dathusena asked wealth from his father. In that moment king Dathusena told his son to bring him to kalawewa. Then king Dathusena had a bath from the lake said to has son that “this is my wealth” while showing the lake, after prince Kashapa was felt very anger and killed his father by looking him that bound or lake.

In filth century, kingdom of Sigiriya was build by prince Kashapa and he lived there in secretly be cause he was very dout. That his gouger brother Mugalan will kill him because Mugalan was very sad after death of their father

However, one day, while prince Kashapa and his army were coming a head his his elephant took his leg beck because puddle was infroun of him, but king‘s army thought that king was coming backward. This part of named as Hiriwadunna at presend.

The place where the argument was held between Kashapa and Mugalan is called Habarana.

When king Wasamba is time period while Sangamittha monk was bringing srimaha bodi, she was tired so she stoped in Habarana. In that moment sporout of sri maha bodi was planted there according to folk, this body is now in tampita Raja Maha Viharaya.